I want to live in a world where looking fabulous is not just for other people, special occasions, and cruise ship dining rooms. Where you can put on something you love simply because you love it. A piece that expresses you, enfolds you and makes you feel like your best self.

I am so tired of the idea that something beautiful has to be uncomfortable, difficult, or only for the brave. I can't tell you how many times I have received a compliment on something I am wearing followed by, “I wish I could wear something like that.”


I want to scream YOU CAN!!


And when someone asks me, “Where would I wear something like that?” my response is always WHEREVER THE HELL YOU WANT!!!


I am tired of saving the good stationary, protecting the nice china, and leaving the sequins in the back of the closet.
I want you to enjoy it, relish it, savor it.

I want you to make happy noises on a regular basis.

I want you to use up all the good stationary sending love notes to your friends and spreading the indulgence influenza. Wear a bustle to the farmers market, a corset to the zoo, take a muff to the coffee shop and I guarantee you someone will compliment and wish that they too, could be that fabulously fortunate.

So I have started the pretty revolution, creating beautiful unusual things that not only look gorgeous, but feel nice as well. I make clothes that are utterly unique, and still wonderfully wearable. Bustle skirts should have pockets for your goodies, corsets can be comfortable, and outrageous accessories are therapeutic. 


French girls say that if you feel pretty then you are....LET'S BE FRENCH!


And so it all begins! Let go of all that fear that keeps you in beige and join me in my journey to really embrace that sexy, powerful, creative woman that we are. You'll be surprised at what happens.

If you don't see your dream princess outfit of badassery in my existing stock, let's collaborate and make it happen. I want the world to overflow with strong, beautiful, traffic stopping women who drink champagne with lunch, use the good china, and wear my corsets wherever the hell they want to!


Be fortunate my lovelies,








Nora Rose Holley has degrees in Classics, Fashion Design and Costume Design and brings a wealth of experience from 10 years in the Hollywood film industry. She now resides in Seattle and relishes working with private clients as well as crafting her line of semi-custom corsets and other delightful goodies.